ElkRidge XTREME Lite Fifth Wheel: 3 Favorite Features

Looking for a fifth wheel recreational vehicle easy enough to pull with a lighter duty truck? Take a look at the ElkRidge XTREME Lites for sale! It’s the perfect combination of an RV that truly utilizes every space for storage without subtracting from the amenities of recreational living. Here are 3 features that have been favorited and loved by us, and we hope you agree!


ElkRidge Xtreme Lite Exterior Shot
Super lightweight is super awesome!


1. Abundant Space

Even for a smaller RV, the engineers have taken the time to create a lightweight fifth wheel that gives you the space you need to enjoy your camping vacations. We all know it gets cramped after days on the road, but with this fifth wheel, you’ll have the space you’ll need to travel comfortably. The RV is creatively designed to provide you with a spacious interior that will hold all of the storage you’ll need. In addition to counter space (which can be a luxury in smaller RVs and is well worth it!), there is a nice storage unit under the counter and overhead cabinets. And the best part? It comes with outside pass-through storage area to pack all of the things you’ll need for you camping adventures. For families with a lot of outdoor games, gear, and camping necessities to take for the trip, it’s a dream come true!


ElkRidge Xtreme Lite Storage Space
You’ll be able to fit loads of your travel necessities under here!


2. Luxurious Amenities


ElkRidge XTREME Lite Interior Shot
Warm interior features!


In addition to the spaciousness inside the RV, the interior is decorated and designed to allow you to relax in the luxuries of home while still having the fun of camping. With a booth dinette and a deep stainless steel kitchen sink, you’ll feel like you’re cooking comfortably at home. The queen size bed and flip and fold sleeper sofa (some models), you’ll have enough space to keep you and your family fully rested at night. The walk-in closet provides you with the luxury of bringing a multitude of outfits, just in case the weather changes drastically (which is bound to happen on any camping trip!). Each piece was designed to give you space, but also to provide you and your family with luxurious recreational living.


3. Lightweight Towability


ElkRidge Xtreme Lite Logo


We saved the best for last, although the title of the RV already explains its best feature: XTREME LITE. With so many different vehicles out there today, it can be a hassle to buy a brand new truck just to haul the RV you want. With this ElkRidge Xtreme Lite Fifth Wheel, you’ll be able to tow it with your lighter duty truck, without having the stress of a larger RV being pulled behind it. It’s the best feature because it’s designed for people who don’t want a bigger truck just to haul an RV. You can haul with what you have!

With these 3 features, we know you’ll love this fifth wheel! If you’re unsure what your vehicle can haul, we have tow guides that can help. If you need further assistance, or have questions about our Heartland RV ElkRidge XTREME Lites for sale, always feel free to contact us or call us at 941-342-4330. We want you to truly enjoy this beautiful fifth wheel!

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