3 Must Have RV Kitchen Gadgets Under $30

Cooking in an RV kitchen can be a pretty tight situation, so we found 3 must have RV kitchen gadgets under $30 that can help free up some space. Take a look and we would love to hear what you think if you end up using them, or if you already own them.

Over the Sink Roll Up Drying Rack

This roll up drying rack by Better Houseware won’t make doing dishes fun, but it will help to clear up counter space so you can do something fun. While your dishes dry over the sink you can whip up some drinks in a blender or play some solitaire! It is also well reviewed, and at $24.99 you might as well go ahead and get another on because you will want one for your house too. Go ahead, take a look at it here.

Image via Better Houseware Ccorp








18-Bottle Spice Stack

No need to settle for bland food because you couldn’t fit your favorite spices into your RV’s kitchen, with YouCopia’s Original SpiceStack you can store up to 18 bottles! No more having to decide on bringing the garlic salt or the chili powder, no one wants to have to make that choice. There are three drawers that pull out and lower so you can easily see the spices. Game. Changer. For more information on this product, click here.

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Easy Stack

Fridge space is also a premium in almost all RVs so that is why we are so thankful for Vacu Vin’s Easy Stack. With the Easy Stack you can easily store cans or bottles in your fridge, saving room and keeping them from falling over and rolling around. Shaken up soda cans and broken bottles due to them jostling around in the refrigerator are a thing of the past. Click here to view the Easy Stack.

Vacu Vin Easy Stack
Image via Vacu Vin
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