3 Reasons Renting an RV is a Dream Summer Vacation

There’s something about sleeping in a cozy bed with a roof above your head to keep you comfortable at a campground, and if you don’t own an RV, renting an RV is the best idea yet! If you’ve ever slept in a tent, you understand what I’m talking about. No hard ground. No sore muscles. It just makes sense.

So, you’ve done the tent thing (or maybe you haven’t even tried that) and you’re looking for the full camping experience this Summer without the hassle of a tent and lack of storage. That’s where we at Campbell RV come in. We’ve got a whole fleet of Sunseeker Class C Motorhomes for rent that stand proud and reliable at our Florida location. Here are 3 main reasons why someone would want to rent an RV, and we think you’ll agree.


Campbell RV Rental Season


1. Renting Lets You Try Before You Buy

If you’ve never been in an RV before, now is the time to try it out when the summer is just getting into full swing. We offer three-day motorhome rentals from only $825! There’s nothing like the experiences of RVing, and if you’ve never even stepped inside one before, this is the perfect opportunity. All of our motorhomes are beautifully designed and luxurious, and what better way to spend a vacation than trying out RV camping for the first time?


2. Indoor Relaxing, Outdoor Adventures

Oh, the luxurious features of a motorhome. If you’ve ever wanted a taste of what RVing is like, renting one of our motorhomes would be perfect to get a good idea. Picture this: sleeping under the beautiful, magnificent stars without having to deal with annoying mosquitos and the smoldering muggy heat of a summer night . . . amazing.


Summer Night Campfire
Enjoy the beautiful summer nights, while still in the luxury of your motorhome


All of our rentals include Onan generators, full bathrooms, flat screen TVs, and DVD players, so even on rainy days you’ll never feel squished, and you’ll have the amazing yet simple features of home. A family vacation in one of our awesome rentals will give you the relaxation you need, while still allowing you to have the fun experiences of the outdoors: hiking, fishing, biking, or just sitting by the campfire on a warm night.


3. The Easiest Road Trip Ever

It’s summer. It’s hot. Your vehicle fits five, and guess what? You have five family members. Road tripping can be difficult when everyone is sitting directly next to each other, and you know someone will cross into someone elses space, and it won’t be pretty. With a motorhome, not only do you get to sleep in a spacious RV, but you get to drive to your destination in one, as well. Not only that, but imagine the tent that you’d have to shove in the back, leaving you less storage in your car to fit everything you’ll need for the next five days. The storage of one of our motorhome rentals will you give you that space you need to be organized and perfectly prepared for all of your fun adventures.


Sunseeker Class C 3250DSLE Motorhome
The space is amazing!


Get a Genuine Taste of RVing!

We hope to see you soon to come pick up an RV for a vacation. Renting an RV is the perfect way to spend a family vacation (for instance, an RV adventure to Disney World!), and make the best memories while doing it. If you have any questions at all, please just contact us, and we’ll be able to answer anything that’s on your mind! You won’t regret renting one of our amazing Forest River Sunseeker Class C Motorhomes for your summer journey.


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