4 Cheap and Easy Ways To Organize Your RV

Organize an RV - Campbell RV
Image via Flickr by Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious

When you’re adventuring in your RV, it becomes your home away from home. There are many items you’ll need while you’re traveling, from plates to clothes, to anything else you travel with. Finding adequate space for everything is frustrating, but with these easy tips, you’ll never have organization problems again.

1. Doors Become Storage

One of the most spacious, yet least appreciated parts of your RV is the door. There is tons of room on the inside of a door to hang, store, and sort all the pieces you need to travel. You can add a peg board to the inside of the door to hang jackets, shoes, and more. Another option is to attach a few pieces of wood to the door to act as a box. This can hold books, drinks, or anything else you can think of. You can organize your items to make sure that everything is in its place every time you head out.

2. Velcro Holds Small Items

Are you always misplacing the remote control in your RV? This is one of the many pieces that you simply don’t want to lose, and can be effectively stored nearly anywhere in your motorhome. All you need to do is attach some Velcro with glue to the back of the remote control, or any small item you need to keep track of, and another piece to a wall, cabinet, or shelf. This gives you a specific spot to hold your remote control and you’ll be able to keep it in a place where it won’t fall and get lost.

3. Caddies are Portable

From bathroom accessories to utensils that you use daily, there are many pieces in your RV that you’ll need to move around regularly. There are several caddie options that help you keep everything in its place. Plus, these are great for transportation, because you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to carry everything. You can find caddies at a dollar store, department store, or online. This is a quick and cheap way to keep everything stored together, while still allowing you to take the items you need where they need to go.

4. Cans Become Storage

You need to eat while you’re on the road. When you eat canned food, whether it’s from a glass jar or an aluminum can, you can then turn that container into a storage piece. You can use glass jars to hang your storage from the bottom of a cabinet or shelf, by gluing or screwing the cap into the shelf. Then you simply screw the can into the cap. Putting small items in these jars for storage is a great way to keep track of what you have and where it all is. Wash out aluminum cans and cover them in fabric or paper to create utensil holders

Finding storage in a small place is a difficult prospect. Keep in mind the storage options you have around you, and organizing everything in your RV becomes easy.


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