4 Reasons to Consign Your RV with Us

Consigning your RV is an efficient and affordable way to sell your RV for top dollar without any of the hassle.  Want to know why you should consider RV consignment with Campbell RV? Here are some important reasons:

RV Consignment
Check out our fantastic RV Consignment service.


  1. Top dollar value: A private-party sale rarely yields the same price that a dealer can get for your RV.  With the capability to clean and detail your RV, advertise and promote it to built-in RV buying traffic, and even finance your new buyer if necessary, dealers just have more to offer an RV buyer than a private seller can.
  2. Proper inspection: when you consign an RV, the reason we are able to give you top dollar is because we have trained appraisers and professionals that can look through the RV and give you the absolute market value for the vehicle in its condition. There is no guesswork here, only years of experience and knowledge!
  3. Additional perks:  Not only can we finance your buyer’s purchase of your RV, we can also offer warranties, insurance and other ancillary services that buyers need and want, all at no charge to you.
  4. Mountains of paperwork: That is, you won’t have to deal with the mountains of paperwork yourself when you consign your RV. We will take care of all of the contracts and property transfers so that you don’t have to. All we need is your signature and the deal is done!

If you are interested in learning more about RV consignment, contact us today for all of the information. We offer RV financing that will help get you into a brand new RV and many awesome RV specials for you to choose from. Come on by and see what we have to offer.



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