4 RV Upgrades Turning Heads This Summer

Today, it’s easy to hit the road in style with so many RV upgrades and add-ons. The modern RV lifestyle is more than just about having a cozy bed to sleep in. “Accessorize, accessorize, and accessorize” is the new mantra that takes RVing to a whole new level. The only limitations are your imagination and budget. Here’s a list of four upgrades sure to turn heads.

Entertainment on the Road


Upgrades like surround sound systems, DVD players, and huge flat-screen TVs provide high quality entertainment while you’re on the road. With the new self-aligning satellite dishes, RV aficionados don’t have to miss their favorite TV shows while adventuring the highways. For outdoor entertainment when at rest stops or camping sites, the side storage compartment can be converted into an outdoor entertainment center. While sitting outside under the sun-kissed skies or sparkling stars, take in your must-see TV shows. Add ice machines to outdoor storage compartments to upgrade your comfort while watching.

Turn Indoor Living into Outdoor Living

There are plenty of upgrades to enjoy the great outdoors. Upgrade with a comfortable deck shaded by a retractable awning. It’s an ideal spot to savor lunch while enjoying the scenery. For outdoor cooking, there are options for swing-out stainless steel grills, cooking stations, and picnic tables. For those with big bucks, Futuria’s Tractor-Trailer RV combo comes equipped with an 11-foot roof terrace that includes a roof lighting system and Whirlpool bath. There are also RVs equipped with their own verandas that can be accessed through glass sliding doors. Many of these verandas can be extended in under 20 seconds.

Designer-Like Interiors

The luxurious upgrades for the interiors of RVs are endless. Choose from a wide array of trendy elements, such as granite countertops, spacious showers, designer sinks, custom-wood cabinets, electric water heaters, and even marble flooring. Decorate the living space with dual ovens, side-by-side refrigerators, and stacked washers and dryers. Add some sparkle with elegantly upholstered chairs and granite-topped tables. If you need more room, opt for motorized slides that expand the living space with the touch of a button.

Upgrade the Master Bedroom

Create a master bedroom with an adjoining bathroom for a luxurious retreat. Mosaic tiles, cherry cabinetry, roomy corner showers, and heated floors are just a few of the upgrades you can choose from to create a personal paradise. You can even have a master bedroom designed to include a desk area with a satellite hookup for wireless communication, so you can stay in touch with the office. Consider spacious closets, built-in end tables, mirrored walls, and LED lighting.

RV dealers offer a range of upgrades you can include during the building process at the factory. Even if your existing RV doesn’t have all the bells and whistles to make life luxurious on the road, many of the newer upscale amenities can be added, including electronic devices. Lux RVs get you to your destination in both designer style and ultimate comfort, making these mini-mansions nothing short of astounding.

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