4 Things to Know Before Buying a Used RV

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A used RV is a great investment when you want a vacation vehicle but don’t want to pay top dollar for a new model. Many people upgrade their RVs before the old vehicles have worn out, meaning the market has many used RVs in good condition waiting to be bought. Before you make a purchase; however, here are a few things you should know:

What You Want From an RV

RVs are great because they’re so versatile. Some models are wonderful for driving all over the country, while others are perfect for taking weekend getaways to your favorite local camping spots. You may want an RV spacious and well-equipped enough to be livable for several weeks at a time, or you may want something more convenient than a tent for your camping trips.

Determining what you’ll use the RV for is the best way to start shopping for a used RV. People who aren’t going to be driving all over the place don’t need to worry as much about gas mileage, something quite relevant to people frequently planning to go cross-country.

Fair Prices on Your Favorite Models

Shop around for your used RV to find out about pricing. Start with the dealer, but make sure to use the internet and even your local resources, too. If any campgrounds or RV parks are nearby, drive over and see if anyone is selling. The better idea of price you have, the more able you’ll be to determine if a particular used RV is worth the asking price, and whether the model you think you want is within your budget. You’ll also be able to negotiate if the RV you’re looking to buy is lacking an element or needs minor repairs.

How to Look for Wear and Tear

Small problems with an RV, like ugly curtains or a worn interior, can be fixed. Big ones, like problems with the siding, require either big repairs, or mean the RV is too old to keep working for much longer. Check any RV you’re thinking of buying for a few key things to determine if it’s in good enough condition for you. Get under the RV and look at the mechanics. Rust, cracks, or other damage are a bad sign. Check the ceilings and floors for signs of water damage, and make sure all necessary implements (electricity hookups, water hookups, working doors and windows) are still in good order.

The History of Vehicles of Interest to You

You can find out a lot by examining the vehicle in person, but you should also get a history of the RV you want to buy. If the previous owner doesn’t provide you with one, you can order one yourself with the RV’s VIN number. Not only should you be interested in previous damage, but you should learn about any potential manufacturer recalls as well.

Armed with the right knowledge, you’ll be ready to buy the RV of your dreams and set off on new road adventures.

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