4 Unique Ways to Use Your RV

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RVs can be used for much more than traveling in a comfortable, convenient way. Today, you may find an RV rolling down the road as a moving billboard, or utilized as a place to warm up and grab a bite at political rallies, sporting events, or city celebrations.

Owners now use their luxury rolling homes in innovative ways that make parking their RVs for long periods of the year obsolete. Some of these ways provides needed relief to individuals and significant tax breaks for the owners when the RV is used for charity or business purposes. Here are four unique ways to use your RV.

Disaster Relief Vehicle

With disasters happening coast to coast, an RV is the perfect vehicle for providing disaster relief to both victims and volunteers in the affected region.

Stock the RV with supplies and use it as a mobile command center for providing water, snacks, warmth, or air conditioning for both volunteers and victims of a natural disaster.

Mobile Employment Resource Center

An Arizona non-profit agency had an innovative idea when they started a mobile employment resource vehicle. The concept used by the Arizona agency can be easily transferred to any RV owner willing to offer job seeking resources to traditionally lower-income areas.

By bringing computers for job searches, and people to help with resume writing and interview skills, the RV can be used in areas where people have a hard time getting to employment resources that help the unemployed find work. It eliminates a barrier for rural locations by bringing the agency to the people who need help the most.

Rolling Food Bank

Food banks are often stationary places that people in need must travel to for help. Easily convert an RV into a rolling food bank where it is stocked full of non-perishable items and delivered to areas where people do not have access to transportation. An RV can serve like a meals-on-wheels program where both hot meals and staples get delivered on a regular schedule.

The rolling food bank may also educate people about good nutrition by providing nutritional information along with the food.

Mobile Veterinary Clinics

RVs are excellent vehicles for providing mobile veterinary clinics. Many RVs today are being used as vaccination and mobile spay/neuter clinics. They schedule regular rounds at convenient locations, going to pet owners instead of having pet owners travel to the clinic.

By scheduling regular stops, not only are more pets being vaccinated, reducing the spread of common viruses, but the spay and neuter clinics help reduce the unwanted pet populations that currently fill local animal shelters.

RVs are no longer used just for camping. Use it full-time as a mobile headquarters for your small business, or volunteer it part-time to help your community. With a little thought and innovation, the uses for an RV are endless. If you are thinking about buying an RV, but don’t want it to sit in storage, consider some of the non-traditional uses of an RV.

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