5 Reasons an RV is Better Than a Car for a Road Trip

Close your eyes (or maybe just squint so you can keep reading this article) and imagine this: a family, or perhaps a group of friends, is trying to decide whether they should rent an RV or a car for their upcoming road trip. Assume there are only four of them, so they technically could fit into a sedan comfortably. However, after long debate, they decide on the RV.

“How did they reach that decision?” you might ask — because it’s a fantastic question.

Here are five factors that tipped the scales in the RV’s favor.

1. RVs Will Save You Money

They may be less fuel efficient than sedans, but RVs will save you money in other ways. For example, not having to pay for hotel rooms will save you at least $50 to $70 per night, or more if you need multiple rooms. RVs also have a built-in kitchen, which means you won’t have to eat out for every meal — another huge savings. 

2. Your Room Will Always Be Clean and Comfortable

Not only will you save money on hotel rooms, but you won’t have to deal with rock-solid, lumpy, or dusty hotel beds. Similarly, you won’t have to worry about finding a bathroom fit for human use because you’re bringing one with you.

3. RVs Mean Freedom

By choosing a road trip, you’ve already freed yourself from the tyranny of flight times, long lines, and baggage claims. However, RVs go a step further. Because you’re traveling in your home, you are essentially freed from any restriction on your time. That means no checkout or check-in, times, no waiting in lines at restaurants, and best of all, no traffic jams.

“What,” you might be thinking, “does riding in an RV clear a magical tunnel through rush hour?” No, it doesn’t. However, you can always get off at the next exit, find a parking lot, and watch a movie or play cards until traffic clears. Try doing that in a sedan.

4. You Can Bring Your Furry Friends

In the imaginary scenario at the beginning of this article, one important factor was missing: your pet! Your beloved cat or dog would ordinarily need to be boarded during your vacation.

Even if you did bring him or her in your car, the space required by four average-sized humans and the space required by four average-sized humans plus one cat is shockingly different. Also, when hotels accept pets, they generally charge a pet fee — again costing you money.

5. RVs Are Social

Not only will your road trip bring the participants together, but you’ll meet other travelers at RV parks. Unlike hotel rooms or campsites, RV parks have a neighborly feel. Some of the best memories from your trip might well be the interesting or eccentric characters you meet along the way.

From all this, it seems pretty clear that the imaginary family made the right call when choosing to rent an RV instead of a car. Hopefully, you will too.

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