6 Tips for Washing and Cleaning Your RV the Right Way

Image via Flickr by .Larry Page
Image via Flickr by .Larry Page

When you buy an RV, you have to know how to take care of it properly. That means learning how to wash and clean your RV the right way. Follow these six steps to keep your RV looking like new.

1. Get the Right Supplies

Don’t even think about washing your RV with dish detergents. They have ingredients that could damage the exterior of your vehicle.

Instead, choose detergents that are specifically formulated for washing cars, RVs, and other vehicles.

Other items that you’ll need include:

  • a hose with a spray nozzle
  • a soft bristle brush (preferably with an extension pole)
  • a bucket of warm, soapy water
  • a microfiber towel

Having these supplies should make the job easier without damaging the RV.

2. Find a Good Place

You don’t want the sun to dry your RV as you wash it. Look for a shady spot where you can park your vehicle for about an hour or two, depending on the size of your RV and how quickly you wash it.

If you wash your RV in full sun, you may get water spots. Water spots don’t cause actual damage to the vehicle, but it’s a shame to spend so much time cleaning your RV only to end up with unsightly spots.

3. Start at the Top

You should always start at the top when cleaning your RV. This lets dirty water run down the sides. As you progress down the RV’s sides, you’ll brush away any dirt that accumulates.

First, use a hose to soak the entire RV. This will remove some debris and dirt.

Second, use your soft bristle brush to clean the top of the roof. If your RV has gutters, make sure you clean them, too. You may need to use a smaller brush, sponge, or towel for the gutters.

Third, use your brush to scrub the sides of your RV. You may need to use more pressure on spots with caked in dirt.

Finally, scrub the bottom of the RV.

4. Take Care of Your Tires

Your tires are just as important as the rest of the RV, so make sure you take time to give them some special care.

Several companies make cleansers formulated for tires, wheels, and hub caps. You may need a stiffer brush to remove dirt from the tires. Make sure you clean the wheels well, but don’t scrub so hard that you cause damage.

5. Give it a Final Rinse

Rinse your RV just as you did at the beginning. Again, start spraying from the top, then move down the sides. Even though you’ve just washed the RV, you have plenty of soap and dirt left to remove. One more rinse should do the trick.

6. Dry the RV as Soon as Possible

It’s best to dry your RV immediately after washing. Use a microfiber towel that’s absorbent and won’t scratch the paint. While microfiber towels usually work best, you can get away with using any soft towel that doesn’t leave lint behind.

Do you take any special steps when washing your RV? What advice would you give to other owners?


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