Campbell RV Is Locally Owned & Operated

Though a story of humble beginnings, Campbell RV has been locally owned and operated in Sarasota from the start.  Two brothers from rural Alabama moved to Sarasota, Florida to work in construction.  When Grady Campbell moved back to Alabama to start a family, where he started working in his friend’s garage, unknowingly beginning the family legacy.

Working in a friend’s garage, Grady Campbell began what would be the family legacy.

After learning the business, Grady moved his family back to Sarasota and worked hard saving money to open his own garage and service station in 1931.  In 1945, Grady opened a used car dealership and put his son Ralph to work.  All of these endeavors evolved into family ownership of a Kaiser-Frazier dealership and Chrysler dealership in Sarasota and another Chrysler dealership in Venice, which eventually turned into a Jeep and Datsun dealer.  Eventually this dealership was a Nissan-Jeep dealership and was closed in 1991.

When the family dealership closed, Kevin Campbell the opportunity in recreational vehicles and began selling motor homes and trailers.  As the recreational vehicle business grew, the focus shifted away from cars and trucks. Colin, Kevin’s  younger brother, joined the company in 1995.  In 2000, the brothers saw the need for a service and repair facility to meet the needs of a growing RV community.

Campbell RV is currently proud to carry Forest River, Flagstaff, Cherokee, Grey Wolf and other towables to our customers for purchase.  When you purchase your RV from Campbell RV, you are not only getting great service and a great price, you are becoming part of the Campbell RV family and the rich history that comes with it.

Campbell Cherokee RVs.
Campbell Cherokee RVs.
Campbell Flagstaff RVs
Campbell Flagstaff RVs.




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