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Renting an RV can be the perfect way to try out the camping lifestyle before you jump in. Whether you’re interested in knowing more about RVing or if you’re just looking for a weekend getaway, we have a fleet of RV rentals in Florida that you’ll love! From a cozier 6-person coach to a motorhome that sleeps up to 8, you’ll find what you need to make your next family vacation the best vacation of the year!


Motorhome Rental Campbell RV


There are many benefits to renting one of our motorhomes for a few days up to a few weeks. Renting an RV is not only easy, it’s affordable, as well! While enjoying the lower prices, you’ll also have fun being able to go anywhere you want with all of your home amenities right there with you.  If you are planning a vacation in Florida, renting is a great way to see all the wonderful destinations and tourist attractions that abound.

Instead of getting a room at a hotel, you’ll also find that campgrounds are more reasonably priced, so if you’re looking to get away for a few days for a friend’s wedding or family reunion, a motorhome would be a great idea.

Trying out an RV lifestyle is the easiest way to know if you truly want to join the ranks or not. Consider renting before buying!


Four Winds RV Rental


At Campbell RV, we want first time RVers to be confident with your RV purchase, so we offer a “Try Before You Buy” opportunity. You can rent any motorhome in our rental fleet and if you decide to buy a new or used RV from Campbell RV within 90 days, and we’ll apply a full fifty percent (50%) of your rental rate toward your purchase. Contact us or call our rental specialist at 941-342-4330 for all the details. After you’ve tried our our RVs, check out our new RVs for sale! We’ve got plenty of amazing recreational vehicles for you to choose from.

We wish you happy camping!

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