Easy RV Tips: 4 Ways to Book the Perfect Campsite Every Time

If you’re planning a camping vacation in your new fifth wheel or motorhome from Campbell RV, you’ll want to make sure you are making the most of your time away. The campsite you end up with can make or break your camping experience. Check out these four easy RV tips for booking the best campsites for all your trips.

Campsite RV Tips
Get your dream site every time!

Do Your Homework

The best way to get the campsite you want is to do some research before ever leaving your home.  Familiarize yourself with the campground you’ll be stopping at and find a few sites you wouldn’t mind parking in.  Keep in mind the distance to the bathhouse, water hookups, shade, and the view.

Off-Season Camping

It’s no secret that camping in the off-season gives you a better chance of having your pick of location, but did you know that camping during the weekdays can give you options, too?  If you’re able to arrive earlier in the week your chances of snatching up a prime campsite are much higher, since most campers won’t arrive until the weekend.

Book Ahead

Call ahead and reserve your campsite to make sure you always get the perfect spot.  If you love to be by the lake, tell the camp employee taking your reservation.  The employees are most familiar with the best spots and they will be able to make suggestions to get you what you want.

Do Your Homework RV Tips Camping
Take notes and even browse other neighboring campgrounds if there’s not a site you love.

Camping Clubs

Finally, you can join a camping club to receive emails and updates from campgrounds all across the US.  This will help you catch sales and events at your favorite locations, as well as book the best sites no matter where you go!

Hopefully these easy RV tips will help you make the most of your future camping trips. If you’re in the market for a new RV, don’t miss the fifth wheels, travel trailers, and motorhomes for sale at Campbell RV. Contact us today.

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