Flagstaff SE Pop Up Review: Adventure Awaits

The Flagstaff SE pop ups for sale here at Campbell RV are the perfect blend of convenience and adventure. The SE in the name stands for “Sports Enthusiast” which means that this RV was made for those families who are looking to add more outdoor adventures to their lives. Let’s take a closer look at the eight floorplans available in this Flagstaff SE pop up review!

Flagstaff SE Pop Up Camper
Get ready for more adventure in our Flagstaff SE Pop Up Campers!

More Storage for Outdoor Gear

No matter which Flagstaff SE you get, there will be innovative storage spaces located on the exterior for all of your outdoor gear. Get a front storage bin with easy reach pullout drawer, a rack on top for bikes, canoes, or kayaks, or a large front deck storage with expanded metal decking! With all of these options, you can bring along more outdoor toys in this compact and lightweight RV.

Flagstaff SE Pop Up Camper Storage
Find more ways to bring along your outdoor toys with the innovative storage solutions.

Room for All

Even though these pop ups are compact, when they are set up, they still have a spacious design for the family. Find models with up to one slide and enough sleeping space for up to six people. With options of flip-up beds, convertible dinettes, and dual pop-out beds featuring thermostatically controlled heated mattresses, everyone will have a comfortable place to sleep.

Flagstaff SE Pop Up Camper Interior
Spend your days having adventures and then find easy rest in the at-home comforts inside.

End-of-the-Day Comforts

After days filled with bike riding, hiking, and other adventures, you will want to come back to your campsite to those end-of-the-day comforts, and luckily, the Sports Enthusiast comes with it all! Wash off the dirt and grime with the outside shower and keep the interior of your camper nice and clean. Plus, with full kitchen amenities including a built-in icebox and outdoor gas grill with worktable, you can have cold drinks and warm, home cooked meals to give you the extra bit of comfort you need.

Get ready to add more adventure to your family vacations with our Flagstaff SE pop ups. Be sure to contact us or come on by our location today and hit the open road!

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