Forest River Flagstaff High Wall Folding Pop-Up Camper Review

To know the top features of our Forest River RV Flagstaff High High Wall Folding Pop-Up Camper for sale that we think are fantastic, take a look at this Forest River Flagstaff High Wall Folding Pop-Up Camper Review and you’ll never want to go back to a tent again! And if you’re a beginning camper, this could also be a great option for you and your family, as it’s the middle ground between tent and travel trailer.


Flagstaff Folding Camper Exterior

If you want the full experience of camping in the outdoors, we at Campbell would recommend this folding camper. The screens (that come with privacy panels) give you the adventure of having a tent while still having many amenities of a travel trailer. If you are looking for something that is easily towable, this should be at the top of your list! Many families choose this when thinking of a lightweight RV that they can pull with their large SUV. It’s a great option to consider.

It gives you the adventure of having a tent and the amenities of having a travel trailer!

The exterior contains an outdoor gas grill with a worktable (Opt LTD; Std MAC, Classic, HW), which is awesome to use for meals throughout the day. You’ll love being able to put on the outside speaker (N/A MAC/LTD) and enjoy the camping experience while cooking outside with your family and friends. If you want to do it in the later evening, there is a patio light and a courtesy light on the front (Std MAC select models only) that you’ll find very convenient.


Flagstaff Folding Camper Storage

One of the many great features of The Flagstaff is the storage. With a fold over galley with upper and lower storage, a twin level galley with storage, and many more places, you’ll always have room for all of your travel amenities. Here’s a list of other storage compartments to help you get an idea of how much this folding camper holds:

  • Storage Net Over One Bunk
  • EZ Reach Storage with Sliding Tray all Front Trunk Models and Rear O/D Under Bed Storage
  • 28.5″ Front Storage Deck with 200# Weight Capacity
  • 54″ Front Storage Deck with 650# Weight Capacity
  • 105″ Front Storage Deck with 1300# Weight Capacity


Flagstaff Folding Camper Shelves


What more could you want in a folding camper? It’s half of a tent but with an extremely large amount of room, it’s lightweight, and it has tons of storage! If you’re looking for other interior amenities, know that it comes with stainless steel look appliances and and a sink, along with a stove top. If it’s rainy outside and you don’t want to sit on the picnic table for meals, take your food inside and sit at the comfortable family style dinette that comes with 4″ cushions. Because different Flagstaff Folding Campers have different options with a variety of amenities, check out the Flagstaff Folding Camper floorplans for more choices.

If you have any questions, contact us today! We love hearing from you!

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