Forest River Flagstaff V-Lite Travel Trailer: 3 Can’t-Miss Benefits

The Forest River Flagstaff V-Lite Travel Trailer is the perfect trailer you need to enjoy each and every camping trip you take, especially as summer is just upon us! Wondering which of these trailers is the right fit for you and your vehicle? Here are some of the great features that would make a V-Lite Travel Trailer perfect for you.

Forest River Flagstaff V-Lite Travel Trailer Exterior
The “V” nose Forest River Flagstaff V-Lite has so many benefits

The Space

No matter if you have six kids and a dog or if you just want to host a couple of your friends, V-Lite travel trailers are designed to give you that extra space you need to enjoy yourselves comfortably. The “V” nose of each of these trailers provides a broad storage space below the trailer, and affords you with more living space above. It’s a win-win situation.

Flagstaff V-Lite Storage Compartment
You’d be amazed at the storage space in each Flagstaff V-Lite Travel Trailer!

The “High-Living” Look

Every possible space of these trailers accommodates luxury furnishings that everyone can enjoy. From the spacious Corian countertops to the upscale wall mount TVs (optional), each V-Lite trailer has its own unique way of looking sleek. Depending on the size trailer you want, the larger ones come with bunkhouses that offer two bunk beds and a linen closet, offering you more space to store the things you need.

New Flagstaff V-Lite Travel Trailer Interior
Enjoy the affordable yet luxurious haven when the weather doesn’t line up with your plans

The master bedroom supplies you with a queen sized bed and two side tables, a vanity, and another optional wall mount TV- excellent for cozy, rainy nights when you can’t sit around the campfire.

Easy Towing

Each of the Flagstaff V-Lite Travel Trailers we offer is automatically easier to tow because of the aerodynamic “V” nose and lighter weight. If you are concerned about the weight that your vehicle can tow, we can help you out! There are so many different options of the V-Lite trailer.

Find Out the Weight Your Vehicle Can Tow


Each of the Flagstaff V-Lite Travel Trailers accommodates a different, wide variety of vehicles. In addition, the storage space it provides, along with its upscale interior and exterior modeling proves an excellent choice to finally hit the road and enjoy all the adventures of camping. To know more about the features of these specific trailers, check out Forest river Flagstaff V-lite Travel Trailers: Unique Spin to Luxury Lightweight Camping, and if you’re curious about the different kinds of Flagstaff V-Lite Trailers, take a look at the Flagstaff V-Lite Travel Trailer floorplans.

If you are interested or need more information, Contact Us with any questions, and get going on your way to finding that perfect Flagstaff V-Lite Travel Trailer that fits you.

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