Lightweight and Durable, the Cherokee Wolf Pup

The Wolf Pup by Forest River Cherokee is compact, versatile, and a great option for first-time RVers because it provides you with all of the basic needs in a cozy, easy-to-manage space that you will find delightfully comfortable.

Cherokee Wolf Pup
Check out the fantastic Cherokee Wolf Pup


An aerodynamic RV, the Cherokee Wolf Pup travel trailer has a light tow weight, allowing for a wider assortment of vehicles to pull it to your favorite RVing sites. This, on top of the high-impact front metal and sturdy construction means that you can enjoy this lightweight travel trailer for many years to come without having to worry about wear and tear.

Cherokee Wolf Pup Dinette
The Cherokee Wolf Pup Dinette is great for dining

The Wolf Pup is a self-contained travel trailer with a lot of tank capacity, in spite of its smaller size, which means that you will have more than enough water for the average trip. Optimized for space and convenience, the Wolf Pup is an outstanding option for those with small families or those who want to enjoy the great outdoors without to much hassle. But, don’t let the small size fool you. They also come with queen beds, which means that even though you are not at home, you will certainly feel like it when you lay your head down after a long day of the great outdoors.

Cherokee Wolf Pup Sleeping Area
Comfort in the Cherokee Wolf Pup Sleeping Area


We have many fantastic models of the Cherokee Wolf Pup travel trailer, including the 16BHS that sleeps up to five people and is nearly 22ft in length; the 16FQ, which can sleep up to three and is 21ft 6in in length, the 17RP which is 20ft in length and can sleep up to three; and many others! If you are interested in learning more about the models that we carry or any specific features of those models, you can contact us to find out more. We are proud to offer many wonderful Cherokee Wolf Pup travel trailers and would love to give you a tour of one if you want to get driving directions and come on by.


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