Our Favorite Florida RV Camping Destination

It’s summertime, and summertime means the most popular RV season of the year! Of course, living in Florida means we’re always going camping, no matter what time of year. But now your kids are out of school, and it’s time to find the perfect vacation spot! We’ve found a fun favorite Florida RV camping destination that we know you and your friends will love!


RV Beach Vacation


Looking for somewhere close to all of our best beaches? Crystal Lake RV Park is the perfect place to spend all of your camping vacations, as it’s right in Central Florida. If you’re ready for the beach, this campground is great for setting up your RV and hitting the sand and waves.

They offer 20/30/50 amp hook-up services, and almost all of their campsites are grassy and easy to pull right through (so you won’t have to worry about backing up!).

One thing we look for in the best camping destinations is a swimming pool. This is a big deal, especially if your kids are smaller and you like having a safer place for them to stay cool and have fun. In this particular RV park, they offer a clean, full bath house with a laundry room. If you decide to stay for longer than a week or if your kids have any accidents, a laundry room will serve you well!

One other great addition is the beautiful three-acre lake. You’ll be able to see some gorgeous wildlife and enjoy the scenery while on the paddle boats. There is also a recreational hall with games to play! Other fun amenities include bicycles, a kids’ playground, and a basketball court. Needless to say, your kids won’t be bored, and neither will you!

If you have dogs, the dog park makes it easy to bring your furry pets along! There’s nothing that this RV park hasn’t thought of. We know you’ll enjoy your stay at one of the top RV destinations in Florida! If you’re looking for a new RV so you can start your own RVing adventures enjoy places like this RV park, contact us today.

We wish you happy camping this summer!

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