RV Maintenance Tips: 3 Easy Ways to Update Your RV

Had your RV for a while now and are ready to update? Updating your RV can be a hassle, but not if you do it right. We’ve compiled a list of three RV maintenance tips that are a fun and easy way to make your RV look new again!


Heartland Elkridge Fifth Wheel Interior
Buy newer furniture to give it a more luxurious look!


1. Replace the Furniture

This is more costly than the other tips, but definitely worth what you pay. If you have stains or your furniture just looks a little run down, it might be time to replace the furniture with something newer. This gives the RV a fresher look and allows you to rest easy knowing it brightened the atmosphere.

Not only does it look great, it also will be more comfortable while camping. After long days fishing or swimming or hiking, you can settle down at your new comfy couch.


2. Add Backsplash to the Kitchen

This is an extremely simple thing to do and doesn’t take much time, either! Taking any wallpaper off and adding backsplash up against the wall above the kitchen counter is a great way to bring a fresh new look to your RV. This doesn’t take too much time to do on a Saturday afternoon, and you can easily make your RV look brand new!

You can literally “peel and stick” them right on the wall, and it’s as if a professional did it. You can find these backsplashes on amazon, or all over the internet, really. They don’t have a tendency to just peel or fall of the wall, which in turn gives the kitchen a quality, clean look.


3. Replace the Valances with Curtains

This makes everything not only looking nicer, but it definitely gives it more of a cozy atmosphere as well. Valances are super easy to take down, and curtains are a great way to add to the new look. Pick a favorite color that accents the theme of your recreational vehicle, and you’re done!

If you’re not looking to update and are ready to purchase a new RV, contact us today with questions you have! We hope you found these tips helpful. We love being a part of your RVing life!

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