RV Tips: 3 Ways to Make RVing with Your Toddler Easy

Hi, my name’s Kate; I’m a full-time RVing mom with a 19-month-old and another on the way!  My husband and I chose RV life after spending six years in a 2000 sqft house. We felt like we were constantly working on some home-improvement project that would take tons of money and time only to have another pop up as soon as that one was finished. So, we sold our home, bought an RV, and moved in with our son and golden retriever.

Let me tell you, RVing with a toddler is not always easy, especially when you have one as rambunctious as we do. However, our experiences have given us some great RV tips for making your toddler feel at home, whether you’re full-time living in an RV or traveling for vacation.

Hiking with child

Give Them a Space of Their Own

Everyone needs a space that is theirs, even little ones. Whether you’re traveling in a travel trailer or a big rig, find a space in your RV and set it up as your toddler’s place. Put toys that they love, a play mat, or a pack-n-play there and give them plenty of time. Having a designated space where our little one can find his toys, keep his colors, and even get a blankie if he’s feeling sleepy has helped make him feel at home.

RV baby

Baby-Proof Outlets and Appliances

Thankfully, most RV doors and drawers inside are difficult to open, so that they stay shut in transit. However, you may have a cabinet here or there that needs an extra safety latch installed to keep your little one out. Additionally, you’ll want to cover your outlets, just like at home, and do your best to keep appliances like the stove, fireplace, radio, and TV off-limits.

Spend Time Outdoors

I’ve noticed that our boy gets cabin fever if we don’t take a walk or do something outside once a day. Even in the colder months, we’ve tried to keep up the outdoor activities because the fresh air and scenery change help us reset after time spent indoors. Sometimes, all we do is refill our bird-feeders and pick up a few sticks or rocks, but that’s often enough for him.

Family RVing in forest

There you have it!  These three easy tips can help you make RVing with your toddler easier and more enjoyable for everyone.  If you’re looking for the perfect RV to take you and your family on your next vacation, check out the new RVs for sale at Campbell RV today!

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