RV Tips: 4 Ways to Practice Fire Safety When Building a Campfire

If you plan camping, you are probably planning to build campfires, especially in the evening. It’s a camping staple to build a fire and roast marshmallows or hotdogs while you share stories with your loved ones. It would be best if you made it a goal to make memories this way. However, you must ensure that you keep safety at the forefront of your mind. Fire safety needs to be your priority when you are dealing with a campfire. Take a look at these four ways to ensure you keep your loved ones safe around a fire.

Don’t Leave Your Fire Unattended

You should never leave your fire without someone to watch it. You never know if a branch will pop, sending sparks flying to the brush around the floor. You need to be able to put out any stray flames the second they happen. If you plan to light a campfire, you must prepare to sit with it the entire time it burns. If you leave your fire unattended, you are putting the forest and everyone around you at risk.

Keep to Designated Fire Pits

This is an example of overloading your fire pit. Be sure to cut logs first so they fit in the fire pit.

Campgrounds are likely going to have designated fire pits positioned at every campsite. You should always plan to build your campfire in these areas. It is safest to keep your fire in a controlled, contained location. Don’t try to make a fire in an open space. It will be more challenging to control where the fire spreads if you don’t have the perimeter of a firepit to help maintain it.

Put It Out Before Bed

You must put your fire out completely before retiring for the evening. Even if the flames have died and you think the burning coals won’t bother someone, you need to rethink and pour water over your fire pit. Make sure there is no chance of anything accidentally falling into your firepit and causing a fire. You can’t control your fire if you are asleep, ensure that you put the fire out entirely before you go to bed.

Keep Water Close

To ensure you practice fire safety, keep water close when sitting around a fire. You can’t predict when a burning branch could tumble astray and catch the brush on the ground on fire. You can use your emergency water to douse the flame quickly if this happens. You should be prepared to handle anything when it comes to fire safety. Keep water on hand so you can put out any stray flames.

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