RV Tips: 5 Christmas Decor Storage Ideas

As the holidays draw to a close, you’re probably looking for some RV tips for storing your Christmas gear.  We’ll show you the best tips for snowbirds, full-time RVers, and fair-weather campers so that you can store your Christmas decorations with ease.  Learn more below!


Home for the Winter Storage Tips

Attic Storage

If you’re a fair-weather camper that spent the holiday at your favorite location, you won’t have to worry about storing your RV decor in the RV.  Instead, after you’ve arrived home, winterized your RV, and boxed up your decorations, you can simply store it all in your attic.  This is the easiest way to keep everything out of the way until next year.

Attic Storage

Garage Storage

Another option for keeping your Christmas gear out of the way for the year is to box it up and place it in your garage.  If you’re planning on traveling between now and next Christmas, this is a great way to ensure you don’t haul extra weight during your other camping trips.

Pro Tip: For both attic and garage storage, be sure to keep your things in air-tight containers to avoid mildew damage.  Do not store temperature-sensitive items like candles in these areas.

Snow Bird Storage Tips

Mail It Home

After the Christmas season is over, you may want to clear out your space for the remainder of your winter stay. You can clear some space by packing up your Christmas decor and shipping it home. Be sure you have a friend or relative who can pick it up for you to don’t have large packages sitting on your porch for months.

Storage box

Full-Time RVing Storage Tips

Pass-Through Storage

The most obvious answer for your decor storage is to package it into boxes and make room in your pass-through storage space if you are full-time RVing. Often, this is the best solution for those who travel every few weeks. However, it can also mean that you’re carrying around more than you need for months on end.

flagstaff passthrough

Rent a Storage Unit

Whether you’re full-time RVing or just spending an extended amount of time at the campground, renting a storage unit for all your extra decor and equipment can be a great solution. This option is perfect for anyone who isn’t quite ready to commit to the minimalistic living that comes with full-time RVing since it allows you to keep items in storage that you don’t use daily.

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