RV Tips: 5 Cool Weather Camping Tips

If you haven’t had enough of the great outdoors just yet, then you won’t want to miss these cool-weather camping tips that will help you to extend your camping season into the colder months. So, get ready to load up your Forest River Cherokee travel trailer from Campbell RV and hit the road towards your favorite camping destination this November. Find out how to make the most of your cool-weather trips with these RV tips.

Winter road camping tips

Check the Weather

First, you’ll need to check the weather at your destination.  Temperatures below freezing can be problematic for campers that are not equipped with the proper insulation to keep their pipes from freezing overnight.  So, figure out the lowest temperatures you’ll be camping in before you head out.  Additionally, traveling with a camper in tow in freezing conditions is much more dangerous than it is when it’s above freezing, so make your plans to travel when there’s no chance of rain, sleet, or snow.


One way you can help your furnace to keep up with the colder weather is by add insulation to your RV wherever you can.  The easiest way to do this is resealing your windows and seams regularly. You can even add a layer of bubble wrap to the inside of your windows to help keep the warm air inside.  You can also apply bubble wrap to bathroom skylights or inside the cabinets on exterior walls.


The best advice for RV camping in cold weather is to pack in layers.  Autumn is especially finicky when it comes to temperatures, so it’s best to plan for a range of cold to warm weather.  Don’t forget to bring hats, scarves, and gloves for those chilly evenings by the campfire!

Winter clothes RV camping tips

Call Ahead

Some campgrounds will close in the colder months since they are less likely to fill their spaces.  Call ahead to make sure your destination will be open when you arrive!


Plan activities that get your blood pumping during the daytime.  Great options are hiking, mountain biking, and horse-back riding.  Because the days are shorter in the late fall and winter, you’ll have a smaller amount of time to enjoy the outdoors, so make the most of it when you can.  You’ll also want to plan some things you can do in the camper once it gets dark and the temperatures drop.  Bring along board games, cards, a movie for the kids, or puzzles to put together as a family.

Biking in the cold morning RV camping tips

Contact us today for more information on the Forest River Cherokee travel trailers for sale at Campbell RV. We look forward to helping you make the most of your camping vacations.

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