RV Tips: How to Make a Great Campfire

Whether you’re camping in a luxury motorhome like this Thor Motor Coach Windsport 29M class A motorhome from Campbell RV or primitive camping, knowing how to start a good campfire is vital. Below, we’ve put together a five-step process for making a great campfire. Learn how to build a make the best campfire in this easy tutorial.

Thor motor coach class A main
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1. Use a Fire Ring

No matter where you are, use a fire ring to avoid potential wildfires and stray sparks. Most national parks will have designated fire rings throughout the parks, and the vast majority of campgrounds feature fire rings at every campsite.

2. Kindling

Before you can start a fire, you’ll need kindling.  You can use small twigs, leaves, and other dried natural resources or make a DIY fire starter at home before you leave.  All you need for a fire starter is some cotton balls, Vaseline, and a used pill bottle for storage.  Simple coat the cotton balls in the Vaseline and seal in the bottle.  When you’re ready to make your fire, start by place one or two of the cotton balls in the middle of the fire ring.


3. Gather Wood

Next, you’ll need to gather wood. Most campgrounds have firewood for sale and do not allow you to collect your own. However, if you’re primitive camping, you may have to scavenge. Try to find logs of varying sizes so that you can slowly build up the thickness of the logs and make your fire stronger.

4. Build Your Base

There are many ways to build a firebase out there, but my tried-and-true method is the teepee. You start by making a teepee of thin twigs around the cotton ball, followed by a layer of thicker sticks until you have the smallest logs forming a teepee around the cotton ball. As the fire burns, you can easily add logs around the teepee to continue building an intense flame.

Campfire tipee

5. Light It Up

Finally, you’re ready to light it up. Light a match and start by lighting the cotton ball. The cotton ball should fire up right away and have enough of a flame to burn the twigs around it. You may need to fan the flame or add more twigs or sticks as the fire builds.


There you have it! Follow these easy steps to building a better fire, and you can enjoy delicious campground cookouts for years to come. If you’re ready to find an RV to take you where you want to go, contact us today!

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