Rving Tips for Cooler Weather

As the leaves continue their change and the weather shifts from blistering to chilly, your RVing trips may need to make a similar shift. Though it may not seem that big of a shift, there is a clear difference between RVing in the summer and RVing in the fall. If you have never taken your RV to an RV park or on a road trip during the fall, there are a few things you should makes sure and consider before pulling out of the driveway.

Heat – You will want to make sure that your RV has a working heat system. If you purchase a new RV, this is unlikely to be an issue. However, if you have been RVing in the same rig for several years and are just now ready to try it out in the fall, you should test out the heat before getting out into the wilds. Many RVers forget about testing the heat because they have never had to rely on it, but this can be a grave mistake that could potentially ruin or cut short your RV trip.

Keep Warm in the Cool Weather
Use these tips to Keep Warm in the Cool Weather


The Sun – Remember the last time you were picking out a spot to park your RV in the summer and you were trying to find a space that was mostly covered with shade? That is completely the opposite during the fall and cooler months of RVing. You are going to want to look for a space that has plenty of sun. It will keep your spot warm during the day and save you from having to use much energy to heat your RV while the sun is out.

Firewood – A fire can be a lovely thing to enjoy during fall weather RVing. However, make sure that you know your RV park’s guidelines when it comes to firewood. Some will ask that you do not bring outside firewood into the RV park because such wood can carry insects or diseases that are not present in the park, which could lead to an ecological issue. Some will sell firewood, others will allow you to forage for your own in the area. Check with the RV park to see if the have any such guidelines and, if so, make sure you prepare early for getting enough firewood.

RVing in the fall is a lovely way to extend your holiday season and get the most out of your RV. If you want to check out some of the RVs that we carry here at Campbell to see which one might be best suited for your upcoming fall RV trip, you can come by our dealership and check them out up close and personal. Or, you can always contact us to get more information about the motorhomes, fifth wheels, travel trailers and more that we carry. Happy Halloween and happy fall RVing!


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