How to Save on Gas

RV Gas Prices - Campbell RVGas prices may be high, but RVing is still one of the most cost-effective ways to travel. You’ll be surprised how you can cut your budget with these few suggestions.

Stay Closer to Home
Yes, gas prices are painfully high and the easiest relief is to minimize travel time.  Check out the parks and campgrounds near you.

Check for Discounts
Do you carry a AAA card? You may be missing out on discounts you didn’t even consider. Do your homework and search online; leaving your travel time flexible or booking online often allows you get better rates.

Check Your Tire Pressure
Properly inflated tires will improve your gas mileage and prevent unnecessary wear and tear. You can find your optimum tire pressure in your owner’s manual.

Roll Down the Windows
In Florida, air conditioning is not a perk, it’s a necessity. However, when the air conditioning is running, it puts more strain on the engine and increases fuel consumption. Consider traveling during early morning hours and evening hours to reduce air conditioning use.


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