Spring into Your Favorite Florida RV Camping Destination!

We may have used a silly pun in our title, but it’s true that spring is upon us, which means that even warmer weather is well on its way here in Sarasota, FL. If you’re ready to start your family RV adventures in your new RV, consider this all-time-favorite Florida RV camping destination for your first trip of the year!


Flamingo Campground

Maybe you’ve lived in Florida all your life, but you’ve never taken the time to spend a day at the Everglades. Why not spend a weekend there doing your favorite thing? RVing!


Kayaking in Flamingo Campground
Kayaking in Flamingo Campground


As RVers, there’s a lot that we value. Family, the smell of bacon around the campground in the morning on your way to the bathroom (by the way–Flamingo Campground has solar-heated showers!), and of course, nature.

The Flamingo Campground in the Everglades National Forest is the place to go to get away from everything and spend time relaxing in the beauty of Florida’s nature scenes.

Here are some of the fun activities you can do while enjoying your time in Flamingo:

  • Hiking trails
  • Backcountry canoe and kayak trails
  • Saltwater fishing
  • Bird watching (more than 300 species of birds spend their winter months in Everglades National Park!)

Stop by the Marine Area for even more fun activities! The Marine Area includes:

  • Services
  • Canoe and kayak rentals
  • Tour boats (your own small motor boats are allowed in certain areas)
  • Marina Store

In relation to general facilities of the campground, there are picnic tables two dump stations, grills, and Flamingo also includes an outdoor amphitheater for their winter programs.

We’ve found this to be a great place to camp, and the reviews have always been high! We hope you get out on the road with your new RV soon and start your RV Lifestyle off right with a great experience. We know there are a lot of campgrounds out there that aren’t acceptable, but we’d recommend Flamingo campground!

If you have any questions about new RVs or you’re looking to take one of our RV rentals out for some family fun, please contact us and we’ll help you out. Happy Spring!  


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