The Top Two Reasons To Consign Your RV

It’s time for an upgrade on your family RV.  You’ve been putting it off.  Everyone is noticing.  “Why not sell that old thing and upgrade?”  Is the dread of trying to sell the old to make room for the new squashing your new RV dreams?  Have no fear, Campbell RV is here!  We have the perfect solution:  consignment.  We are happy to do all the heavy lifting when it comes to selling your RV.  Check out the top 2 reasons to consign your RV.

RV For Sale
It takes more than a sign to sell your RV.

#1 Reason: Convenient, No Hassle Process

How does consignment work exactly?  Simple. We give you a free evaluation.  After we check out your RV, we help you establish a fair market value and price that you are comfortable with.  How do you know you are in the best hands?  Our dealership is properly licensed and insured, and staffed with well-seasoned RV professionals. We will provide consignment documents for your review. There’s no long term contract or hidden fees for consignment at Campbell RV..

Easy As
Seriously. It’s that easy.

#2 Reason: Time

Who has the time required to research and market your RV?  We do!  Our marketing team uses our own marketing plan to skillfully reach RV buyers.  We find buyers through internet searches from across the country. We invest heavily in research and marketing technology to reach qualified buyers. Our knowledge is here for the taking.  What else can save you time?  If your RV needs a little spruce up or repair, we can do it right here at Campbell RV.

Save time! Let us help.

Picture It

Can you picture yourself in a new RV?  Consign your RV and let us take care of everything.  The only thing you will have to worry about is which new RV to pick out!  Contact us today for more information about consignment and for a little extra help picking out your new RV.

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