Tips for Living in Your RV

Living in your RV - Campbell RV
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So, you’re thinking of living full-time in your RV, eh? You might want to make sure you’re fully prepare before heading into such an endeavor. RV living can sound like a lot of fun. In fact, even some celebrities like Matthew McConaughey choose to stay and sleep in their RV instead of their huge houses. But it can also lead to a lot of trouble depending on how you handle it. If you’re going into it, make sure to check out these tips before you do so.

Your House

If you own a home, you’ll have to decide what to do with it. Either you can keep it, maybe rent it out while you’re living in your RV, or just sell it. If you end up renting it out, choose a professional service to help you do so. Tenant problems aren’t fun, especially when you’re out on the road away from your home.

You do need to think of somewhere as your home base, somewhere permanent where you can receive mail and file taxes, so don’t just sell your home and drive off in your RV thinking everything’s going to work out fine. Find a solid place you can come back to, even if you do sell your home.


Even if you’re receiving some sort of social security, you might need some form of work. RVs still have plenty of expenses, not to mention your own expenses for maintaining your life, or those of your family if you’ve brought them along with you. You can travel to craft fairs, trade work for camping space, find odd jobs, and plenty of other options. Some websites out there like Workamper¬†offer great resources for finding work while on the road. See what’s available so you can relax about money.

Your Car

When your home and car become one in the same, you probably don’t think much about alternate forms of transportation. But, you probably should. Consider driving or getting your car towed to a storage location. Why? Well, for a few reasons.

First off, your RV eats up gas like crazy. If you want a scenic drive, you can leave your RV parked and save some money on fuel. Secondly, RVs don’t navigate too easily. If you want to go to the grocery store, you’re better off taking your car. And third, if your RV breaks down, (RVs need a lot of maintenance) you need some other form of transportation.

Living on The Road

Get ready for living on the road before you actually head out there. Check to see if your RV has a way to do laundry. If not, you’ll have to keep track of where you can stop to find a laundromat while you travel. If you have pets, you need to consider the extra space available for them and how you will get them the proper exercise. You also might want to consider a wireless internet subscription, because not everywhere offers free Wi-Fi.

You’ll also need to make sure you have a good way of location legal RV parks. If you’re a senior, you can consider getting an America the Beautiful pass which allows discounted camping or even free admission to some parks and camps.

Living life on the road can turn into an exciting adventure, just make sure you’ve made all the proper preparations before you start living life from your RV.

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