Update Your RV With These 3 Simple Decorating Ideas

Image via Flickr by dwstucke
Image via Flickr by dwstucke

For many people, a dream vacation means taking to the road in a camper or RV and exploring the joys of the wild. What could be better than combining an outdoor adventure with the comforts of home? Some of the more affordable RVs, however, often come with outdated interiors that make the already cozy quarters feel downright cramped. If you’ve got a camper that could use a little glamour, check out these three DIY decorating ideas that you can do on a limited budget to completely remake your portable home.

Create Faux Granite Countertops

Kitchen counters take a beating in an RV, and 70’s-era colors can make dings and nicks stand out like sore thumbs. Instead of a costly custom counter installation, you can give your camper faux granite counters for less than $50 in a single afternoon and add a little luxury and glamour to a run-down kitchen.

Get a sample of granite you really like from your local home supply store; you’ll use it for inspiration. You’ll also need a can of Rust-Oleum counter paint, several shades of craft paint (preferably at least five), EnviroTex Lite (a varnish product), a lighter or blow torch, and basic painting supplies such as brushes and sponges. This step-by-step tutorial makes it a snap to give your camper kitchen a fresh new face.

Turn Your Dinette into a Cozy Cafe

Transform a dull dinette into charming focal point that lights up your space. You don’t need sewing skills to reupholster dinette cushions, just a staple gun, polyester batting, and sturdy fabric in a print you love. You can even refinish your dinette table top with matching fabric and a coat of resin for a clean, coordinated look.

Mood lighting can transform a dark little corner into a bright breakfast nook or a romantic table for two. LED light strips are an efficient and inexpensive way to change your camper ambience. Add a dimmer switch to really expand your lighting options.

Paint Dark Cabinets and Fake Wood Paneling

A can of paint is the easiest way to update the look of an outmoded interior. A crisp new color is a blank canvas for all your favorite decorating touches. Install quirky new draw pulls, bright new curtains, coordinated throw pillows, and a vibrant area rug to complete your camper makeover for about $100.

In the past, people shied away from repainting their cabinets; doors had to be removed, surfaces sanded, and primer applied. All that’s gone the way of the horse and buggy. There are new cabinet paint products, such as Giani Granite Nuvo cabinet paint, that make painting wood surfaces a breeze. Check out this no-sanding, no-primer RV cabinet makeover tutorial and see how easy it is to tackle this project.

Add homey touches such as art for the walls or try some innovative ideas for storing gear and supplies to reduce clutter that can make your interior feel cramped and unfriendly. These three low-cost, high-impact decorating ideas will make you love your RV again.


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