Versatile and Full of Features – the Cherokee Wolf Pack Toy Hauler

The Cherokee Wolf Pack toy hauler travel trailers and fifth wheels that we carry here at Campbell RV are perfectly suited to fit all of your RVing needs as well as serve as the ultimate cargo space for your favorite camping gear. Want to go kayaking? Hit the links in your golf cart? Take the ATV into the wilds? Or just bring your favorite gear for the grill master of the family? All of this and more is doable with the cargo space that comes with a toy hauler like the Wolf Pack. But, it is not just about the garage space. Check out some of the other fantastic features that you will get with the Wolf Pack.

Cherokee Wolf Pack Garage Area
Check out the size on this Cherokee Wolf Pack Garage


Battery-charging solar panels – Using electricity in the toy hauler, particularly when you have a low wattage hookup, can be a strain on the battery. This is problematic when you are using the many fantastic electrical features found in the Wolf Pack. With the rear-mounted solar panels, the battery is constantly charged during the day so that you will never run short on power.

Beautiful interior on the Wolf Pack
Even more features in the interior of the Wolf Pack


Large sleeping capacity – many models of the Wolf Pack both in travel trailer and fifth wheel modes can sleep up to eight people. That means that, even if you have a larger family that loves the great outdoors, you will have enough space for everyone to have their own little area.

Tub/Shower and more – few RVs have a tub, as they can take up a lot of space. Fortunately, some models of the Wolf Pack has the space to spare. You can enjoy a nice bath or shower in the tub after a long day of outdoor adventures.

Gorgeous and comfortable - the Wolf Pack
Gorgeous and comfortable – the Wolf Pack


So much comes along with the Cherokee Wolf Pack that you won’t know to start. But, either way, you will end up in the same place; having the time of your life at your favorite RVing locations. If you are interested in picking up one of these outstanding toy haulers for yourself, do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about them. Or, if you want to take a look at one up close and personal, get driving directions to come on by and check out our many fine Cherokee RVs for sale. We can’t wait to help put you into an RV that your family can enjoy for years to come.


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