Visit Florida in December

With the cold chill sweeping the nation, there are a few places left that you can still stay warm and have lovely weather. Florida is one of those few places, which has earned it a big destination for travelers in the colder months simply because of the nicer weather. But, there is more to do than just bask in the sunshine. Here are some of the best things about Florida in the winter and what makes it such a hotspot (literally) for vacationers.

Beautiful Beaches in Florida
Beautiful Beaches in Florida


Destinations – Walt Disney, Universal, Discovery Cove, and countless historical sites, there is so much to do in Florida, you won’t know where to start, and you certainly won’t want to stop! You’re never far from the beach and, no matter where you are in Florida, you will be always be just a stone’s throw away from one of any number of fantastic adventure destinations.

The Weather – No list of benefits to Florida in the winter would be complete without mention of the weather. With an average temperature of 60-70 degrees in December, you will be able to do all of your favorite outdoor activities, even when it is snowy and icy back home.

Relaxing without lines – No matter if you are sitting on the beach or going to the amusement parks, December months are always less populace in the winter than the summer months when everyone else is on vacation. You can experience much more peace and quiet when you visit in the winter!

There is so much to say for Florida in the winter, but the only way to truly appreciate how gorgeous it can be is to come on down. Hitch up your RV and come down to see what all of the fuss is about! And, if you want to get a really great RV for that trip, you can contact us at Campbell’s RV to see some of our great selection. Get driving directions and come down for a winter vacation that you will always remember.


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