What makes Florida a great Winter Destination?

Have you ever heard the term “snowbird?” If you haven’t, then you might be one and not even realize it! A snowbird is someone who goes to Florida and other southern states in the U.S. during winter to escape the cold temperatures of the north. So, if there is a term for it, there must be a reason, right? Why do these snowbirds exist and what makes Florida, for one, so appealing to them? It’s easy!

Weather – this probably can go without saying, but Florida’s temperate climate during the winter is one of the most appealing draws to it as a winter location. In most cases, temperatures rarely drop below 50 degrees, and that’s is in extreme cases! So, you can enjoy the warm weather with your RV year round, plain and simple.

RV on the Beach
RV on the Beach and relax with the family.


Cost – if you stay for just a weekend, this might not be a factor, but many RV grounds offer discounts in the winter for long-term RVers. So, if you want to be a true snowbird, you can set up your RV on a spot and get discounted prices if you stay for a month or so.

Proximity to the beach – You will seldom get that tropical feeling in the winter, except when you are on the beaches of Florida. Some parks are close to the beach and some are even on the beach. So if you love the sounds of the waves and the gulls, you absolutely need to consider the snowbird life.

Plenty to do – While many RV parks and tourist sites shut their doors during the winter throughout the US, Florida’s are still open for business. Want to jet-ski or go dolphin watching? That is still an option in January when you are in Florida! There is plenty to do for active snowbirds!

Florida is one of the most beloved locations for long-term RVers because of these reasons and so many more! If you are looking to become a snowbird yourself or just want to see what Florida’s RV parks have to offer, get driving directions to our dealership and we can help you pick out the perfect rig. Or, if you have any questions at all about our new and used RVs for sale, you can contact us today for all of the details. Winter is coming, so perhaps you should consider going to Florida!


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